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Here’s where you can download updated pages to your computer, print ‘em out and replace or insert them into your “Palmer Family” tome. Most PCs will open and print these files easily. However.......

The files you download here are “zip” files and some PCs may need the free program “ZipItFree” to open them. You can get it here.

The zip files are “unzipped” into a folder of pdf files. While most PCs can open these some of you may need to add the free program “Acrobat Reader”. You can get it here.

Mac computers will not need these files.

Inside each folder is a pdf file called “Where_It_All_Goes.pdf”. This will explain where the new pages need to be inserted or replace previous pages.

There are two types of updates - General and Descendants. If you find mistakes (especially in the Descendants section) do let me know and we’ll add it to the downloads below.

As you can see, the download buttons are numbered. Any number change will mean there is new stuff to download.

Any problems, you can ring me - or email me here.


This update corrects and adds to the nurseries section, general history, etc;

This update corrects Descendants

(pages 1-35) specifically the Claude Palmer & Joy Smallman branch of the family